We are always glad to welcome you to the site of the company “Antstroy”.

The emblem of our company ant is a first-class tireless builder. In addition, it is a smart, purposeful insect that has become a symbol of hard work and high self-organization.

IC Antstroy is a company operating in the Ukrainian market for more than ten years, combining several directions at once.

We have reliable equipment, qualified specialists, high-quality materials. We always carry out work as soon as possible, subject to all technological processes. All this is the key to our and your success.


We are always ready to provide you with such services:

  • Rental of OWN special equipment (excavators, bulldozers, rollers, graders, wheel loaders)
  • Rental of residential and industrial premises
  • Digging pits
  • Organization of deliveries of fuel granules (own production, sale, own delivery)
Antstroy construction company - construction work and rental of special equipment

One of our areas is the rental of special equipment. In this case, you should not spend money on its purchase, if initially you do not plan to use it long time. Thus, renting a cam roller, wheel loaders, excavator (wheeled or tracked), grader, as well as renting a bulldozer, is at your service.

On the site of our company “Antstroy” you can find prices, view photos of the equipment offered for rent and get acquainted with its characteristics, as well as find all the necessary contacts for connecting with us. We work on individual conditions with each client, take into account all his wishes and can provide rental of one or another special equipment in the shortest possible time.


AntStroy Company

Central office, accounting

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Rental of special equipment

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Timber, Board

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