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Wood is environmentally friendly.
Fashion for furniture made of wood is completely natural. Since it is even easier to breathe in a room with wooden furniture than if there is furniture made of chipboard, MDF or fiberboard in the room.
Wood, including after finishing, is considered a natural air conditioner that cleans and refreshes the air in the room, and coniferous furniture fills the air of the living room with a subtle, healing scent of wood resin.
The structure of wood itself is beautiful and decorative, since nature itself created these inimitable patterns.

Office desk / Office chair

A practical, stylish desk and chair for your office and study

drawing / dimensions (desk)

drawing / dimensions (chair)


7500 UAH/pcs. / 2500 UAH/pcs.

Bed “Milena”

Modern design, natural wood and environmentally friendly finish.
Thanks to its design, the bed looks visually light and unobtrusive.
The unique texture and pleasant hue will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a room or hotel room.
The bed is made of solid pine.

 drawing / dimensions


11800 UAH/pcs.

Chair “Milena”

Stylish wooden chair.
Will be a good addition to any dining room, kitchen, cafe or restaurant.


2500 UAH/pcs.

Dining table “Milena”

Massive and reliable.
The wooden table will not leave anyone indifferent.
Its design immediately attracts attention.
This model can be used both for the kitchen and for a cafe, bar, restaurant.


5500 UAH/pcs.

Chair “Hostel”

Dining chair.
Perfect for those who value simplicity, good quality and functionality.


1150 UAH/pcs.

Dining table “Hostel”

Ideal for those who value simplicity, practicality and lightness.
This model is suitable for a cafe, dining room or kitchen.

drawing / dimensions


1500 UAH/pcs.

Natural wood bench

Practical in use
The bench can be a great addition to a dining table from this collection or any other table you want.
Natural pine. A reliable and convenient thing for any home!

drawing / dimensions


1200 UAH/pcs.


Practical, compact. Suitable for dining rooms and hostels.

drawing / dimensions


650 UAH/pcs.


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